What is X-ASVP?

X-ASVP is the eXtensible Anti-spam Verification Protocol

X-ASVP is a method for enabling peer to peer scalable authentication between holders of an Internet e-mail address, with redundancy and reliability provided by secondary (tld) and tertiary (global) providers.

 While the initial use of X-ASVP is to combat Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (spam), X-ASVP can be used as a front end handshake for many other existing protocols.

About the X-ASVP Committee

The X-ASVP Committee is a non-profit, non-governmental, international, professional membership organization working to build, support and encourage the use of  X-ASVP and the common infrastructure required for reliability, redundancy and universality.

X-ASVP Controlling Committee, Sustaining members, and individual members  are working together to fight spam while setting in place an infrastructure that will be usable into the future in support of other peer to peer Internet protocols.

The X-ASVP Committee encourages the use of a protocol that will, if both endpoint domains have implemented it, operate in peer-to-peer mode.

Benefits of Membership

 Members of the X-ASVP Committee support the building and maintenance of the secondary and tertiary infrastructure services.  Since domain hosts sometimes go offline, and since not all domains will implement the protocol, the X-ASVP Controlling Committee operates a supporting infrastructure for backup and failover use.   While this infrastructure is owned and operated internationally by independent persons, companies, governments or organizations, all owners of this infrastructure who are in good standing with the X-ASVP Controlling Committee, have agreed to provide backup and failover hosting of token generators or meta-documents to Sustaining Members or Individual Members of the X-ASVP community.

Sustaining Members 
Sustaining Members of the X-ASVP Committee are Enterprises or ISP's that make an annual donation to the X-ASVP Committee equal to or exceeding the amount listed in this table.

Sustaining Members are entitled to have a programmatic token-generator hosted on one of the infrastructure servers associated to the Committee.  (If the provider of the top level domain host is in good standing with the Committee the generator will be hosted at X-ASVP.tld where tld is in the same top level domain as the Sustaining Member domain.)  Hosted token generators must meet  the requirements of the "secondary path" provider to which it is assigned.

Individual Members 
Individual Members of the X-ASVP Committee support the work of the X-ASVP Committee by donating to the Committee working fund.  Individual members who donate above the "Global Support" level are entitled to have an individual meta-document hosted on
on one of the infrastructure servers associated to the Committee.  (If the provider of the top level domain host is in good standing with the Committee the generator will be hosted at X-ASVP.tld where tld is in the same top level domain as the Individual Member domain.)

The list of top level domains currently in good standing and participating in this "secondary path" hosting program includes, com, net, org, and many ccTLD's listed under the heading Controlling Committee Membership.

Contact the X-ASVP Committee

X-ASVP Chair
2443 Fair Oaks Blvd #147
Sacramento, CA 95825, USA
Email: chair@x-asvp.org


07 Jul 2007
16 Jul 2007


The X-ASVP Committee maintains the protocol definition document, updates process flow diagrams, reviews, assigns handles to, and publishes experimental "extensions" for the Level 1 method. 

The X-ASVP Internet-Draft document

The proposal for a new protocol that enables individual users and mail server operators to apply a scalable, configurable, user-controllable authentication mechanism to SMTP messages (e-mail).  This protocol has been submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force for consideration to RFC status.  The latest version of the document will always be found at the above link.

Protocol Diagrams
The Committee has created several process flow diagrams to help the Internet community understand and implement X-ASVP.  The diagrams show different configurations that are possible with the protocol, including:
- Peer to Peer (ISP to ISP) Implementation (no end user interaction)
- End user implementation within mail client software
- Manual end user implementation using non-compliant mail client software.
- Executive Overview

 The X-ASVP Committee Bylaws  
 As a volunteer professional organization, The Committee operates under a set of Bylaws adopted by The Board.  The Board is elected by The Controlling Committee.  The Controlling Committee is open to all operators of the X-ASVP  infrastructure ( i.e., owners of X-ASVP.tld domains).  The latest version of the Committee bylaws will always be found at the above link.

The Board

The X-ASVP Controlling Committee has elected the following members to the listed postions on the Board with terms of office through June 30, 2008

Controlling Committee Member
Board Position TLD's represented
Gerald Klaas, CISSP Chair
com, net, cn
Paul Choate
es, name
Steven Winterfeld, CISSP
Technology Officer
de, cc
Chris Kenyon, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP Operations Officer
ph, tw, kr
John Steinbrun, MBA, CPA
eu, it
Sharon Wertz
be, tw, fm, vg

Controlling Committee Membership

 The following top level domains are represented by a member in good standing on the X-ASVP Controlling Committee.  The registrant of each domain name X-ASVP.tld, for every TLD approved by ICANN, is eligible to appoint a member of the Controlling Committee.  The following TLD registrants have appointed a member and have agreed to  participate in the Membership Benefits secondary hosting program.


Secondary Provider List





Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Individual Members
FAQ for Sustaining Members
FAQ for Committee Members