Donate to the X-ASVP Committee

While you are welcome to donate any amount you choose to support the efforts of the X-ASVP Committee in building and maintaining the supporting infrastructure, Individual Members who donate more than $36 per year receive a membership benefit of having the X-ASVP Committee host a meta-document on the appropriate secondary or global infrastructure server.  (Sustaining Members who donate an amount above $200 will be contacted at the e-mail address given about their member benefit of token generator hosting. )

Please choose a 6 to 15 character "token" that we will use to create your meta-document.. This "token" will always appear in the sequence number generated for your meta-document.

Token (6 to 15 characters): 

Donation Amount:

In addition to the "token" you chose above, your meta-document will contain various other data.  Included will be a "supplemental" token that changes over time.  While you can safely ignore this supplemental token, you might also decide to use it for additional filtering.

How often would you like your supplemental token to change?
Yearly Monthly Daily

The X-ASVP will only host meta-documents for owners of verified e-mail addresses.  PayPal verifies the e-mail address of every PayPal account holder. Therefore, X-ASVP will only accept requests for a meta-document hosting from a person paying by PayPal, and using the PayPal account with the same e-mail address as for the meta-document requested.
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